Monday, September 27, 2010

El Tzino Beach House (Cauayan)

Would you like to spend a week here?

That place is El Tzino, and I did spend a week there. And it was a nice getaway!

Relaxing Getaway

Being the beach lover that I have always been, I did enjoy my week at El Tzino. But note that I am not really an avid fan of the deep side of the beach, nor the dark-colored waters. But I love going boating, soaking in the shallow areas, and sitting by the shore listening to the waves.

Affordable Rates

photo courtesy of Facebook/El Tzino
So, just right beside the well-known Punta Bulata resort, El Tzino Beach House shares with it the same water and sand – but not the price.

For only 4,000 pesos (as of summer 2010), you can have an entire beach house of 4 bedrooms, a kitchen, a small living room, a small terrace, and the entire place for yourselves (as is the usual case) --& because El Tzino isn't swarming with people. 
                                          If you are travelling as a couple or a group of 3-4 people, they have special rates for that.  If you wish to pitch tents on the beach, you can rent one for only 250 pesos (size is good for 4-6 people).

El Tzino only has a minimal number of guests at each visit, thus, making your time nicer and more relaxing.

Things to Do

You can enjoy leisure walks along the shores of El Tzino, beach volleyball during the day, swimming (especially during high tide), boating to the nearby Danjugon island (which is a marine sanctuary and even holds marine camps for teens during the summer), or just sit and relax by the beach with your favorite drink.

Pumpboat rentals are available at El Tzino for 1,000 pesos if you'd like to go island hopping.  If you want a have a massage, you have the option of having a local masseuse come over, or you can visit neighboring resort Punta Bulata which has spa facilities and amenities.

Although El Tzino doesn't have wi-fi access, you can bring your laptop with you and still be connected to the world with a plug-in internet kit.

Getting There

Getting to El Tzino is easy. You can take the bus, which usually have hourly trips to towns in the South and get off at Brgy. Elihan once you see the sign indicating that it is the road going in to "Punta Bulata". You can then take the tricycle or any local transport going in. (El Tzino and Punta Bulata has the same road going in and is only separated by a fork on the road).

photo courtesy of Noel S. MaraƱon
If you have a car, it is much more convenient. Upon seeing the sign "Punta Bulata" along the highway of Barangay Elihan, that is your cue to take a right (if you are from the north) and make your way to El Tzino. There are signs along the way. If you are not sure, you can ask locals where El Tzino is, and they will gladly direct you to it.

El Tzino is a mere 30-minute drive (tops) to the town proper if you need to go and buy some stuff. El Tzino is a great place to de-stress, rejuvenate, and be one with nature. A bonus: the locals in the area of El Tzino are so friendly, you'd feel so welcome right away!  

Contact Details
El Tzino Beach House
Barangay Elihan,
Cauayan, Negros Occidental
Landline: +63-34-7037555
Mobile: +639206305165  +639176342467


  1. elow...bobie cayao here, connect lang kamo sa blog namon..for more

    promote ko lang ang resort..hhehehe...

  2. im from kabankalan, southern part of negros occ but havent gone to this place... i need to see this by myself! Giving me reason to be as escited as ever on my vacation!

  3. its a good place to unwind. been there in 2014! plans on going back by next week!

  4. its a good place to unwind. been there in 2014! plans on going back by next week!

  5. Can we spend our family reunion there?